All participants are required to have a waiver completed; students under 18 need a parent or legal guardian to sign for them.

3-7 day pre-registration is highly recommended, as classes can reach maximum capacity (see Getting Started page).

*We do not allow first time students to participate in open gym.



MoveFree Academy offers a variety of classes year round at main gym in Redmond as well as several outside locations. 

We currently host classes at three satellite locations, South Bellevue Community Center, Northshore YMCA & Mill Creek YMCA. Please see our Satellite Location page for location info.

Class Descriptions


Parkour Classes  Kids Ages 6-12 | Teen Ages 12-17 | Adult 17+

Our Parkour classes are designed to help students learn and develop Parkour movement skills. Students of all ages and skill levels will learn obstacle maneuvering, climbing, rolling, balancing and landing techniques. Our lessons focus strongly the origins, history and methodology of Parkour. Students will see their confidence rise as they find a sense of community and learn how to apply Parkour to everyday life.


Homeschool Classes Kids Ages 6-12 | Pre-Teen Ages 8-12 |  Teen Ages 12-17

The class begins with exciting warm ups, games, parkour skill training, and obstacle courses. We invite you to join our homeschool community where students are challenged to meet personal goals, gain new strengths, and create strong friendships. Students will learn to rise to new challenges both mentally and physically while developing group self-awareness and self-esteem.


Parkour Fundamentals Ages 6-12

This is a skill-based class. In this class coaches will focus on development of fundamental movements that make up parkour.


Open Gym Ages 12+ & Family Open Gym Ages 6+

First time students are not admitted into open gym | To attend open gym, students must have taken our safety course or attended at least one class.

Is there a skill that you want to practice? This is your time to share the gym with others and work on what you want. All open gyms are supervised by an instructor and require participants to maintain awareness and control in order to create a safe training environment.


Pre-Teen Acro Ages 8-12

Pre-teen Acro is a month long series | Call to register | Students must be level 3

This class is dedicated specifically to acrobatics. Coaches will introduce fundamental movements and techniques needed to understand how to safely do acrobatics such as a front flip, back flip and side flip.


Freerunning & Pre-Teen Freerunning Pre-teen Ages 8-12 | Adults Ages 16+

Pre-teen Freerunning is a month long series | Call to register | Students must be level 3

Freerunning is an extension of parkour. In this class you will learn to develop creativity and self-expression in movement. Once students have learned a basic level of parkour skills we will introduce spatial awareness, ground and air acrobatics, as well as tricks to create unique lines and combinations.


Time Trial and Teen Time Trial  Teen Ages 12-17 | Adults Ages 13+

Students must have passed our foundations levels or take up to 4 Parkour Classes  before attending this class.

Time trials helps students of all skill levels increase their ability and confidence in moving with speed and power. Students will conquer courses and then improve their overall time through practice and coach feedback. We break down transitions, foot placement and focus.


Sensory Sensitive Kids Ages 5-9

Our Sensory Sensitive Parkour class is designed for students with special needs who would like a comfortable environment free from excessive noise. Using fun physical activities and mental challenges we aim to connect our body and mind. Through playing games, learning new skills, improving strength, and conquering obstacle courses we define our goals. Students will see their confidence increase and find a sense of community within MoveFree.


Adventure Class Ages 6-12

Adventure Class is a month long series | Call to register.

Prep your potions and powers! This is an imagination inspired adventure parkour class. Players will explore fantasy worlds, confront epic challenges, unravel mysteries, all while working together in a role-play interactive story. Players will be creating their own characters, which they will act out while working together to solve problems through strategy, skill, physical movement, cleverness and the unique abilities they and their characters process.

This class includes introduction into basic parkour, which players will use during the adventure role playing portion of the class.


Address: 14787 NE 95th St, Redmond, WA 98052   Telephone: (425) 242-8593

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